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IT Services and Solutions

It's time to stop thinking of IT as an expensive support service for your business.

Tulip Consulting specializes in a select number of service offerings that drive down the cost of IT infrastructure and operations and make your business more efficient and profitable. And we do it all while adhering to our principle of "keeping technology simple."

We invite you to learn more about our IT services and solutions.

Infrastructure Consulting
Our infrastructure consulting services help you to not only reduce your IT spend but also boost your return on investment.

  • Storage Consulting: More data means an exponential growth in storage demand. We devise storage strategies for more effective data maintenance and improved application performance.

  • Server Consolidation: Struggling with "server sprawl"? Reduce your overall spend and improve utilization of existing servers.

  • Data Protection Optimization: Sometimes running backups isn't enough. We ensure your backups result in usable data post-recovery by aligning your data protection solutions with your business processes.
  • System Integration Services
    Tulip is committed to making system integration less complex and time-consuming. For larger businesses, we work with the technology you have on hand rather than trying to upsell you. For smaller businesses, we focus on identifying your business requirements and delivering the most cost-effective solution available. The bottom line: No matter what your size, we help you save money on integration projects.

    Disaster Recovery Solutions
    A natural or manmade disaster can put your technology at risk and render your data unavailable. Minimize your potential losses with disaster recovery solutions from Tulip. We evaluate everything from your applications to your infrastructure in crafting a comprehensive, customized strategy for disaster recovery. It's a great way to keep your operations up and running even in the face of the unthinkable.

    IT Operational Assessment & Best Practices Recommendations
    As IT organizations mature, they may experience decreased operational efficiency and lose their focus on achieving business objectives. Using ITIL-based standards, we conduct an operational assessment to identify areas of concern. Then, we make best practices recommendations to help you streamline your operations (including staff reductions) and realign your IT organization with the rest of your business.

    Could you use additional staffing to address your cyclical IT needs? Rather than hiring full-time employees to meet certain project timelines or operational requirements, save money by augmenting your staff through Tulip. Our skilled, experienced personnel are available for placements lasting three months or longer.